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Diocese of Chicago perverts youth by promoting sodomy and blasphemy.

Theology on Tap events featuring dissident pro-homosexual speakers

by Rodney Pelletier August 10, 2017
CHICAGO ( - The archdiocese of Chicago's Theology on Tap program is promoting homosexuality and a banal understanding of God to millennials.
Theology on Tap (ToT) is a catechetical tool used in various dioceses to bring theological discussion outside of the classroom or the church and into the public arena. It's used in dozens of dioceses throughout the United States and is popular among young Catholics, claiming its purpose is to "help support and celebrate your spiritual growth as you explore how God is present in your life in a number of new and exhilarating ways."

An August 9 post on ToT's Facebook page links to a vulgar and anti-Catholic "millennial" rendition of the first chapter of Genesis using internet slang, saying things like, "And God said, 'Let there be light,' and it was lit AF" and "Then God LOL'd."
It goes on, however, to render verse 27: 

The archdiocese of Chicago's 2017 implementation promotion of homosexuality began with the first ToT event on July with over 500 young people present. It featured talks by Fr. Thomas Rosica and Michael O'Loughlin, both liberal-progressive homosexualists.
As the CEO of Salt + Light TV in Canada, Rosica has embraced viewpoints contrary to Catholic Church teaching. He is also a friend and admirer of fellow homosexualist Fr. James Martin.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Flashback: Brazilian Apostate Catholic Bishop backs legal gay unions

Bergoglio with Leonardo Ulrich Steiner and  Raymundo Damasceno Assis

BRASILIA May 23, 2014 7:00am — One of Brazil's top Catholic bishops has spoken out in favor of legal unions for homosexual couples, an apparent shift in the Church's stance on the country's existing gay-marriage policy.“There needs to be a dialog on the rights attached to shared life between people of the same sex who decide to live together. They need legal support from society,” Leonardo Steiner, the secretary general of the National Confederation of Brazilian Bishops, said in an interview with O Globo newspaper.

Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, OFM and Pedro Casaldáliga Plá, CMF

Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis  of Aparecida happens to be one of the three Presidents appointed by Bergoglio for the Seudo synod against Family: Church has "always" wanted to respect "stable" homosexual unions

Brazil’s Apostate Bishops Admit Adulterers To Holy Communion

Bergoglio with Leonardo Ulrich Steiner and  Raymundo Damasceno Assis 
The Brazilian Bishops’ Conference allows in new guidelines on Amoris Laetitia the reception of Holy Communion by adulterers, reports

The bishops write that after a process of discernment “limited cases” may return to the sacramental life. As examples the bishops list the existence of children or “certain moral circumstances” which according to the bishops allegedly “annul the moral responsibility of unlawful acts”.

These rules invented by the bishops contradict the words of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Church.

Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, OFM 
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Brasilia and

Secretary-General of the CNBB

Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, OFM and Pedro Casaldáliga Plá, CMF

Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis  of Aparecida happens to be one of the three Presidents appointed by Bergoglio for the Seudo synod against Family: Church has "always" wanted to respect "stable" homosexual unions

 4 days after Bergoglio's went to Brazil Dilma Rousseff passed a law that promotes abortion in Brazil-

"Bishop Sánchez Never Celebrates Mass And Never Says The Breviary"

Argentina born Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, the controversial president of the Pontifical Academy for Sciences, lives "like a businessman" according to Gabriel Ariza writing for Sánchez is one of the closest followers of Francis in the Roman Curia.

According to persons who have been his collaborators, Sánchez "never celebrates Mass and, of course, never says the breviary." They believe that Sánchez does not even own a breviary.

One witness said according to, "One day he had to participate in a Holy Mass, and it was quite comical to see how he did not even know the most essential parts of the ordinary Eucharist."

In addition, they attest to Sánchez' terrible character, who according to them treats his subordinates "in a despotic and disrespectful way, especially women."

Bergoglio's double speech on Transgenderism

Fatima perspectives 

The problem of speech that is Yes, No and No, Yes

by Christopher A. Ferrara
August 9, 2017
“But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.” (Matt. 5:37) Thus did Our Lord counsel those who were blessed to hear His immortal Sermon on the Mount, which comes to us today as His command to every man.
What happens, however, if one’s speech is yes, no, or no, yes? The result is confusion, of course. And if the source of confusion is a Pope, the effects can be catastrophic. Consider, as one of innumerable examples from this pontificate, Francis’ conflicting statements on the evil of “transgenderism.”

On the one hand, according to the transcript of the Pope’s private conversation with the Polish bishops during his visit to that country on July 27, 2016, Francis condemned “ideological colonization” in the form of instruction in public schools that one’s sex is a matter of choice, not divinely endowed biology. Quoth Francis:
“And I would like to end here with this aspect, because behind this are ideologies. In Europe, in America, in Latin America, in Africa, in some countries of Asia, there are ideological colonizations. And one of these – I say it clearly with name and surname is gender! Today children, children are taught this in school that one can choose one’s sex! And why do they teach this?  Because the books [used] are those of individuals and institutions that give money.
“They are ideological colonizations, supported also by very influential countries. And this is terrible. Speaking with Pope Benedict, who is well and has clear thinking, he said to me: “Holiness, this is the time of the sin against God the Creator!” He is intelligent! God has created man and woman; God created the world thus, and thus, and thus…. We must think about what Pope Benedict said: ‘It’s the time of the sin against God the Creator!’ And this will help us.” 
Here we have a forthright statement on the abominable evil of attempting to impose “transgender” ideology on impressionable children. But then, only two months later, during the in-flight press conference from Azerbaijan on October 2, 2016, Francis was invited to back away from his earlier statements against gender ideology by a reporter who posed this leading question:
“Thank you, Holy Father. In that same speech yesterday in Georgia, you spoke, as in so many other countries [including Poland] about gender theory, saying that it is a great enemy and a threat against marriage. But, I would like to ask you, what would you say to someone who has struggled with their sexuality for years and feels that there is truly a problem of biology, that his aspect doesn't correspond to what he or she feels is their sexual identity. You, as a pastor and minister, how would you accompany these people?”
Taking the bait, along with the hook, the line and the sinker, Francis referred to the “transgender” “married couple” he had personally received at his residence and declared that, apart from what children are taught in schools on the matter, the Church must “accompany” and “integrate” adults who “choose their sex” and even have themselves surgically mutilated in the process:
“What I said is that wickedness which today is done in the indoctrination of gender theory... a French father told me that he was speaking with his children at the table, he and his wife were Catholics, ‘rosewater Catholics,’ but Catholics! And he asked his 10-year-old son: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’- ‘a girl.’ The father realized that at school they were teaching him gender theory, and this is against the natural things.

One thing is that a person has this tendency, this condition and even changes their sex, but it’s another thing to teach this in line in schools in order to change the mentality. This is what I call ideological colonization.
“Last year I received a letter from a Spaniard who told me his story as a child, a young man, he was a girl, a girl who suffered so much because he felt he felt like a boy, but was physically a girl. He told his mother and the mom… (the girl) was around 22 years old said that she would like to do the surgical intervention and all of those things. And the mother said not to do it while she was still alive. She was elderly and she died soon after.
She had the surgery and an employee of a ministry in the city of Spain went to the bishop, who accompanied (this person) a lot. Good bishop. I spent time accompanying this man. Then (the man) got married, he changed his civil identity, got married and wrote me a letter saying that for him it would be a consolation to come with his wife, he who was she, but him!...
“Life is life and things must be taken as they come. Sin is sin. And tendencies or hormonal imbalances have many problems and we must be careful not to say that everything is the same. Let’s go party. No, that no, but in every case I accept it, I accompany it, I study it, I discern it and I integrate it. This is what Jesus would do today! Please don't say: ‘the Pope sanctifies transgenders.’ Please, eh! Because I see the covers of the papers. Is there any doubt as to what I said? I want to be clear! It’s moral problem. It's a human problem and it must be resolved always can be with the mercy of God.

In this confusing jumble of commentary, we find the following typically Bergoglian elements:
  • a gratuitous insult of “rosewater” [by which he means lukewarm] Catholics, with detail sufficient to identify and humiliate them publicly;
  • acceptance of the idea that adults can “change their sex,” undergo sex-mutilation surgery, purport to change their sexual identities in public records, and even “marry” someone of the same sex while pretending to be a heterosexual couple;
  • a call for accompanying and integrating “transgenders” as such, with no suggestion that they should be warned not to mutilate themselves but rather seek professional help with their mental illness while imploring the assistance of God’s grace;
  • the contradictory protestation that the Pope is not blessing precisely what he has just condoned — in the process of obliging a pushy reporter.
Here in microcosm is the ongoing calamity of this pontificate: speech that studiously avoids a simple yes or no, tries to have it both ways, and thus ends up favoring evil rather than good. “Let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.”

May Our Lady of Fatima soon deliver the Church from the pontifical crisis that now afflicts her.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bergoglio appointed the Brazilian pro gay bishop.

Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos was appointed by Bergoglio in 2014 
CAICO, Brazil, August 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A Brazilian bishop who called homosexuality a “gift from God” in a homily defended his words by saying his intention was to “save lives” and help “overcome prejudices that kill.”
But Daniel Mattson, a same-sex-attracted Catholic and author of the recently released Ignatius Press book "Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay," says the bishop’s words will do the opposite.
“If homosexuality is a gift, and therefore it’s good, then why is it not good to act upon it?” he told LifeSiteNews.
“There’s a logical inconsistency there that’s going to lead to a lot of confusion, especially for young people, which will actually lead to more damage. Because when they live outside God’s plan for human sexuality, that always leads to unhappiness and despair.”

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The German Benedictine abbess, Hildegard of Bingen, warned that in the time of the son of perdition: “Heresies will be such, that heretics will be able to preach openly and in complete assurance of their erroneous beliefs.”

Monday, August 7, 2017

That Pope Benedict keeps his fisherman's ring is proof of his failed partial abdication of the Petrine Ministry.

Non veni pacem  August 8, 2017

The latest public photograph of Pope Benedict helpfully provides another visual reminder of his failed partial abdication of the Petrine Ministry: Full frontal display of the Fisherman’s Ring.

We have previously demonstrated by weight of the evidence, and declared with moral certainty, that Pope Benedict is still the sole living pontiff. This is due to his intention to bifurcate the papacy into an expanded ministry with two living members, one active/governing member and one passive/contemplative member.  It is this novel impossibility, attempting to alter the intrinsic nature of the Divinely Instituted Petrine Ministry, that renders invalid Benedict’s attempted partial abdication, as it clearly rises to the level of Substantial Error as foreseen by Canon 188.

Anyone who denies the essential truth of the preceding paragraph must support their counterargument with facts that refute the evidence presented.  Any appeal to emotion, any appeal to “who are you to make such claims?”, any appeal to “but Francis is universally accepted!” are all fallacious. The truth doesn’t depend on your emotions, it doesn’t depend on earthly authority, and it most definitely doesn’t depend on popularity. The Passion comes to mind.
Recall that the most convincing evidence of the failed abdication comes from the words of Pope Benedict himself, in his last (so far) official General Audience, later echoed by his personal secretary Archbishop Ganswein (pictured here with Benedict). We’ve covered that ground quite extensively, and the silence has been deafening.  You might call it a dictatorship of crickets.
But what I haven’t written about too much is Benedict retaining the papal vesture. Most infamously, he claimed to be retaining the white cassock (sans pellegrina) out of necessity – because “no other clothes were available.” Yeah, I’m sure Gammeralli was just too busy. Reminds me of the necessity to resign due to fear of jet lag from WYD. Oh and he retained the papal title and name and form of address (His Holiness) out of “convenience.” Whoppers, they are.
Now, about that Fisherman’s Ring. This ring is cast for each pontiff according to his own unique design and conferred at the “inauguration” (formerly coronation) and imposition of the Pallium. Both the Pallium and the Fisherman’s Ring are symbols of the power of the papal office. The ring itself is unique to each pope due to its historical use as not only visual symbol of power, but also as a physical seal to be used when executing official documents in the governance of the Church. At the end of every pontificate, the former pope’s ring is destroyed, smashed with a special silver hammer made expressly for this purpose, in the presence of the College of Cardinals, therefore ensuring no curial misconduct such as generating false documents. Then the new pontiff selects his own unique design and away we go.
Except that’s not what happened this time.
After announcing his intent to (partially) abdicate, the press began running all sorts of stories about things Benedict would be forced to give up in his (false) retirement. Chief among them, of course, was the Fisherman’s Ring.  You can do a quick search and find dozens of articles on this. Then, Benedict intervened to inform everyone that oh no, he wasn’t giving up the ring, see? He was keeping the ring, but he was having an “X” applied to the seal to “negate” its power of governance. Because, as we have learned, Benedict intended for the governance aspect of the ministry to be be passed to the new pontiff. But Benedict kept the ring, because “always” is also “forever” when it comes to acceptance of the Petrine Ministry. Notice here Abp Ganswein showing it off quite nicely.
None of this is conspiracy theory. Nothing is being twisted to fit a narrative. These are facts. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a liar or in denial. Do your own research. Don’t be afraid of the scoffing, the bullying, and being accused of “being on the crazy train.” Think for yourself and act accordingly. The Catholic media, even Trad media, if they are making any sort of income from being Catholic, are not going to admit to any of this until prelates start going public.
One last thing. You know that part about every pope designing his own unique ring as the unique seal for his pontificate? Well, guess what? Antipope Bergoglio didn’t do that.
He ordered a copy of Paul VI’s ring.
You can’t make it up.

Bergoglio supports artificial insemination and surrogate maternity.

Alejandro Wiebe, better known as Marley conductor an Argentine television producer and entertainer on the Telefe channel; traveled to Italy to dedicate the first special of his new program to Bergoglio, as a central figure.  During his visit he told him that he will be a single father. That is to say that he ordered a child to be manufactured and then deprived of his biological mother by contracting a maternal womb to satisfy his personal selfish desires thus violating the rights of that child who is treated as an object of belonging.  

On August 26, 2015, Marley traveled to Los Angeles to hire the services of a surrogate maternity agency Growing Generations. A 26-year-old Siberian woman donated the eggs and the company rented the belly of a black American woman to implant the embryo.

These actions are a rebellion against the laws of God and mocking the true Catholic Church by violating the sacredness and primary purpose of marriage.

This is nothing new as Bergoglio  in Argentina has deviated from the Catholic faith previously where he also allowed homosexuals to travel to USA to use surrogate maternity and purchase/sell eggs to fabricate children.

Basilica of the Most Holy Sacrament Buenos Aires Argentina. August 25, 2012

“Francis is More Liberal than what is Supposed”, He “Permitted a Homosexual Couple to Adopt a ChildLeonardo Boff.

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Bishop Schneider Says “There are Ambiguities in Vatican II”

On July 26, 2017, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana in Kazahkstan, published a column in the Corrispondenza Romana, on the theme of “the interpretation of Vatican II and the current crisis in the Church”. Here are the main points of his article.

The auxiliary bishop of Astana begins by drawing attention to the unprecedented crisis the Church is going through that, to quote his exact terms, is “comparable with the general crisis in the 4th century, when Arianism had contaminated the overwhelming majority of the episcopacy”.

The prelate is more precise: yes, there are indeed “ambiguities” in the Council. "Those statements of Vatican II which are ambiguous must be read and interpreted according to the statements of the entire Tradition and of the constant Magisterium of the Church."

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  • 🔷Heretic Father Eduard Schillebeeckx (1914-2009) 
Vatican II Theologian

He made no secret of the intent with the documents of the Vatican II Council: 

“We have used ambiguous terms during the Council, and we know how we shall interpret them afterwards”.

  • 🔷Heretic Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens (1904-1996) 

Liberal Cardinal that pushed Vatican II agenda 

“Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church”.

  • 🔷Heretic Hans Küng (1928-) 
Vatican II Theologian
“This time we are going to stay in the Church, and we are going to dismantle the Catholic Church from within”.

“Cardinal” Kasper’s former diocese endorses Gay Pride Parade

Diocese run by Gebhard Fürst German diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart
advertised on social media the gay march in Stuttgart on July 29 praising a Catholic youth group which asked on the occasion to pray for “tolerance for a more diverse society”.

The diocese also published pictures showing people at a Catholic church in Stuttgart standing around a rainbow flag. Voices on social media pointed out that the Church in Germany has become meaningless by looking for acceptance in the mainstream.

Pro-gay Cardinal Walter Kasper is a former bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Transvestites Are Wrong: Archbishop Timothy Broglio- Man Is not a Disembodied Mind.

U.S. Military Archbishop Timothy Broglio, commenting on President Trump’s decision to disqualify transvestites from military service, said that Trump's announcement failed to address the essence of the issue: "Gender ideology undermines basic Christian anthropology by defining the person as a disembodied mind and the body as a mere instrument."

And, "Sexual orientation and gender identity issues reflect a rapidly increasing and incorrect societal attitude that individual behaviors in life should pursue immediate and personal choices rather than eternal truth."